On 1st June 2010, there were some few changes made on the Medicare supplement which is also known as Medigap. There were four plans removed from the twelve plans that were available then and two more

What is a Medicare Supplement Plan N?

This plan is the same as plan D and F but instead of leaving out parts or all of Plan A and B in Medicare, it actually makes use of a system that shares the cost and thus makes the premiums go down.


What Does Medicare Supplement Plan N Cover?

This plan covers the entire Part A deductible and basic core benefits (which include entire expense on inpatient care, blood services, coinsurance expenses for part B, Part A inpatient insurance and Part A hospice palliative coinsurance).


Is It Available Everywhere?

Medicare Supplement Plan N is not readily available to everyone in the US. However, one can switch to it anytime they feel like without having to undergo medical underwriting. There is however some states where there will be a limited underwriting but it isn’t as difficult as it used to be earlier in the days.


Benefits Of Medicare Supplement Plan N

There are many benefits that come with Medicare Supplement Plan N but the main one is the fact that you get to save money on premiums. There are many people who have switched to these new plans with the aim of getting better and less complicated service on health insurance without having to spend much. Those who don’t have access on the plan can still continue with the ones available as they too are equally important.


A Guide to Health Insurance for People with Medicare
This official government guide has important information about:
• What is a Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) policy
• What Medigap policies cover
• Your rights to buy a Medigap policy
• How to buy a Medigap policy
Choosing a Medigap Policy.pdf
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Medicare easy guide
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