How Do I Qualify For Help Paying My Medicare Supplement?

Individuals who are finding it difficult to pay for their health care costs despite the fact that they have Medicare may qualify for assistance. There are many different state and federal programs to assist individuals with health care expenses, if they qualify.


Qualifications For Medicare Supplement Premium Assistance

For individuals who cannot afford to cover the costs of their monthly Medicare supplement premiums as well as other medical costs, each state offers programs for individuals with low incomes on Medicare. These programs can cover all of the Medicare premiums along with coinsurance and deductibles. Qualifications include having Medicare Part A, limited income and limited assets that do not excess $4000 for individuals and $6000 for couples. This includes stocks, bonds and bank accounts.


Extra Help For Prescription Drug Costs

The Extra Help program is a federal program that can help individuals cover the costs of their Medicare Part D drug coverage. To qualify for this program Extra Help offers different levels of help according to assets and income. Level one requires individuals to have less than $10,830 for individuals and $14,570 for couples in yearly income. Resource totals cannot exceed $8100 for singles and $12,910 for couples. Level two requires less than $14,620 for individuals and less than $19,669 for couples in yearly income with less than $8100 for individuals and $12,910 for couples in assets. Level three requires individuals to have yearly incomes of less than $16,245 and couples with less than $21,855. Total assets cannot exceed $12,510 for individuals and $25,010 for couples.


Medicare With Medicaid Assistance

Individuals who are currently receiving Medicare supplement benefits and cannot afford the extra costs of premiums and other uncovered medical expenses may qualify for Medicaid. This program is run by state and federal agencies to help individuals with low incomes. Children, pregnant women, disabled individuals and other certain people may benefit from this program. Each state requires different qualifications as to income and assets amounts.


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