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Choosing a Medicare Advantage Plan

You should consider these important factors before signing up for a plan


  • Accessibility of doctors and hospitals.  Can you continue to see the doctors you know and trust if you join a certain plan?  Your doctor or specialist might be in one plan's network, but not in another plan’s network.
  • Extra benefits.  The additional benefits offered by Medicare private plans vary widely and may change every year.
  • Prescription Drugs.  Remember that you must typically get your Part D prescription drug benefits through the same private health plan that offers your health benefits.  Make sure that the prescription drug plan covers the drugs you need and that you understand any limits that may apply.  Also, make sure the plan includes the pharmacies you use in its network.
  • Cost.  You might want to consider the following questions: How much are the monthly premiums and copayments associated with different health care services?  Is there a deductible?  How do the costs for various services differ from Original Medicare?  Keep in mind that costs generally change each calendar year.
  • Quality ratings.  Not all Medicare private plans are the same.  The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) post quality ratings of Medicare Advantage plans that may be a useful tool.  Find your plan’s star rating from Medicare and try to talk to plan members about their experiences.  To find your plan’s star rating, visit Medicare's website at


Plan Providers

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