Can I Get Help Paying My Medicare Part B Premium?

Medicare recipients who need help paying their Medicare Part B premiums can get help from several sources. The source will depend on the amount of assets you have. Your monthly income will also play a significant role in deciding what help you will be qualified to receive. If you have little or no income or assets you may qualify to receive help from several sources. Having either many valuable assets or a large monthly income does not disqualify you from receiving help. The only way to be sure is to apply.



Depending on your income, Medicaid will pay your medical expenses including the 20% of the cost of approved medical cost Medicare Part B does not cover, your yearly deductible and your premiums. Excluding your car and home most states require you have less than 3,000 in assets or cash. Contact your state office to be sure.


Specified Low-Income Medicaid Beneficiary (SLMB) And Qualifying Individual (QI)

If you have little to no assets but you do have a fairly high income you can still qualify to get some help. SLMB and QI are programs that will help these individuals by paying your Part B premium. They will not cover your co-payments or Medicare Part B deductible.


Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB)

Persons with income higher than Medicare allows and who have a significant amount of assets may qualify for help with their monthly premium, yearly deductible and the 20% approved medical cost Medicare Part B does not pay through the QMB program.


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