The EZ ‘Do You Qualify for Medicare’ Guide

The answers to 3 EZ questions will tell you if you qualify for Medicare. Meeting your Medicare eligibility requirements could be just around the corner. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services website provides an EZ fill in the blank online form so you know if you qualify for Medicare. This EZ online form will tell you, when or how you will be eligible. Read on so we can show you the EZ way to determine your eligibility for Medicare now, in the near future or determine what final paperwork is needed to get that health insurance coverage now.


Medicare is EZ – Step 1

Start by going to If you do not have a computer, access to one is EZ through the local senior center or library. This is not a time consuming application; it is a fill in the blank form which will guide the way. The first page will ask for your birth date and marital status. The second will guide you based on those two answers.


Do You Qualify for Medicare? – Step 2

If you are 65 years old or close to it, the answer is YES! Follow Step 1 above and you will be seeing your policy in your mailbox. Are you already on disability? You may be qualified! You do qualify for Medicare if you are receiving disability. Go to Step 1 and follow the online form to get your Medicare Benefits started.


Applying for Disability and Medicare – Step 3

Has your diabetes taken it’s final toll on your kidneys, now is the time to apply for disability and pave the way for Medicare benefits. It will not be immediate, but your first step is also EZ – call your local Social Security Administration or go to You are halfway there.


Need more info? Download the Medicare Guide

Medicare - Everything You Need to Know!.
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Medicare easy guide
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