At Age 65 Does Everyone Qualify For Medicare?

Does everyone get Medicare coverage when he turns 65? Are there exceptions? Who does not qualify for Medicare at age 65?


At Age 65 Does Everyone Qualify For Medicare?
Yes, at age 65 everyone who is a citizen of the United States qualifies for Medicare whether he has paid in Medicare taxes during his time in the work force or not. If one family member worked outside the home and the other never held a job outside the home, when either reaches the age of 65 he or she is qualified for Medicare coverage.



How Can a Person Who Never Worked or Paid Medicare Taxes Qualify for Medicare?

The original Medicare plan was designed to cover every citizen who reaches the age of 65. For the individual who never worked outside the home and never paid any Medicare taxes, he will have to pay a Medicare premium for his benefits. If he is married and the spouse paid Medicare taxes the non-working member of the family will pay the premium until his spouse reaches the age of 65 at which time he will gain the same benefits of the spouse.



Can A Person Living In the United States Qualify for Medicare at Age 65 If He Is Not a Citizen?

Yes, at age 65 an individual who may not be a United States citizen but has a green card or resident visa may be eligible for Medicare coverage. His eligibility is predicated on his having lived within the United States for five consecutive years leading up to his sixty-fifth birthday.



The Exception to the Age 65 Qualification for Medicare
If an individual paid sufficient Medicare taxes during his working years and becomes disabled he may qualify for Medicare prior to age 65. The disabilities are specific. Other who qualify for Medicare before age 65 include person with End Stage Renal Disease, ALS and those persons who are awaiting a kidney transplant.



What Assets Will Be Counted To Determine If I am Eligible For Medicare?

Learn what to count before applying. Click Here.


You can apply for Medicare even if you’re not ready to retire (otherwise, it's an "automatic" process). So...if you're NOT ready to retire but you qualify for Medicare benefits, you can apply here:

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